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This is a Piano Score of all MegamanX2 VGM(32 songs).
(Its music albums are here. MP3 AlbumWAV Album)
Basically, most music repeat once and are added an Ending section.
This digital product includes the items below.

  • Piano Score PDF (48 pages, 21MB)
    • Cover (Type 2:Piano)
    • Contents List (Page Jump Link Embed)
    • Piano Scores (SAMPLE, 32 Songs)
    • Colophon
    • Back Cover


  • The PDF file is printable.
  • All digital items are compressed in a zip file.(
  • All music titles are based on “ROCKMAN X2 (Japanese Version)”.
  • Please check your mobile device and PC whether they can download and extract a zip file.

List of Contents & Sample music links
PIANO Capcom Logo – For Rookie Hunter Version  (CAPCOM LOGO) (0:07)
PIANO Opening Theme  (OPENING) (0:52)
PIANO Title  (TITLE) (0:19)
PIANO Password  (PASS WORD) (0:24)
PIANO Opening Stage  (OPENING STAGE) (2:04)
PIANO Sub-Boss 1  (ANOTHER BOSS 1) (0:16)
PIANO Sub-Boss 2  (ANOTHER BOSS 2) (0:42)
PIANO Cutscene  (DEMO) (0:36)
PIANO Stage Select 1  (STAGE SELECT 1) (0:30)
PIANO Stage Start  (STAGE START) (0:09)
PIANO Wire Sponge Stage  (WIRE HETIMARL STAGE) (2:33)
PIANO Flame Stag Stage  (FLAME STAGGER STAGE) (2:02)
PIANO Magna Centipede Stage  (MAGNE HYAKULEGGER STAGE) (2:07)
PIANO Overdrive Ostrich Stage  (SONIC OSTREAGUE STAGE) (2:07)
PIANO Bubble Crab Stage  (BUBBLY CRABLOS STAGE) (2:40)
PIANO Wheel Gator Stage  (WHEEL ALLIGATES STAGE) (1:25)
PIANO Crystal Snail Stage  (CRISTAR MYMINE STAGE) (2:09)
PIANO Boss 1  (BOSS 1) (0:14)
PIANO Boss 2  (BOSS 2) (1:10)
PIANO Stage Complete  (STAGE CLEAR) (0:08)
PIANO You Got a New Weapon  (GET A WEAPON) (0:33)
PIANO Laboratory  (LABORATORY) (0:26)
PIANO Stage Select 2  (STAGE SELECT 2) (1:24)
PIANO X-Hunter Stage 1  (COUNTER HUNTER STAGE 1) (1:25)
PIANO X-Hunter Stage 2  (COUNTER HUNTER STAGE 2) (1:18)
PIANO Zero  (ZERO) (0:52)
PIANO Sigma 1  (SIGMA 1st) (0:42)
PIANO Sigma 2  (SIGMA 2nd) (0:57)
PIANO Dr. Light Capsule  (Dr.RIGHT) (0:36)
PIANO Ending  (ENDING) (1:52)
PIANO Staff Credits  (STAFF ROLL) (1:36)

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