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This is a Piano Ver. Album of MegamanX2 VGM(32 songs).
This album is based on the MegamanX2 Piano Score. Some music are added GMSTORE original outro.
This digital product includes the items below.

  • PDF Jacket (5 pages, 20MB)
    • Cover (Type 2:Piano)
    • Contents List
    • Colophon
    • Back Cover
  • MP3 Music (32 files, Total 85MB, 320kbps)


  • The PDF file is printable.
  • All digital items are compressed in a zip file.(
  • All music titles are based on “ROCKMAN X2 (Japanese Version)”.
  • Please check your mobile device and PC whether they can download and extract a zip file.

List of Contents & Sample music links
PIANO Capcom Logo – For Rookie Hunter Version  (CAPCOM LOGO) (0:07)
PIANO Opening Theme  (OPENING) (0:52)
PIANO Title  (TITLE) (0:19)
PIANO Password  (PASS WORD) (0:24)
PIANO Opening Stage  (OPENING STAGE) (2:04)
PIANO Sub-Boss 1  (ANOTHER BOSS 1) (0:16)
PIANO Sub-Boss 2  (ANOTHER BOSS 2) (0:42)
PIANO Cutscene  (DEMO) (0:36)
PIANO Stage Select 1  (STAGE SELECT 1) (0:30)
PIANO Stage Start  (STAGE START) (0:09)
PIANO Wire Sponge Stage  (WIRE HETIMARL STAGE) (2:33)
PIANO Flame Stag Stage  (FLAME STAGGER STAGE) (2:02)
PIANO Magna Centipede Stage  (MAGNE HYAKULEGGER STAGE) (2:07)
PIANO Overdrive Ostrich Stage  (SONIC OSTREAGUE STAGE) (2:07)
PIANO Bubble Crab Stage  (BUBBLY CRABLOS STAGE) (2:40)
PIANO Wheel Gator Stage  (WHEEL ALLIGATES STAGE) (1:25)
PIANO Crystal Snail Stage  (CRISTAR MYMINE STAGE) (2:09)
PIANO Boss 1  (BOSS 1) (0:14)
PIANO Boss 2  (BOSS 2) (1:10)
PIANO Stage Complete  (STAGE CLEAR) (0:08)
PIANO You Got a New Weapon  (GET A WEAPON) (0:33)
PIANO Laboratory  (LABORATORY) (0:26)
PIANO Stage Select 2  (STAGE SELECT 2) (1:24)
PIANO X-Hunter Stage 1  (COUNTER HUNTER STAGE 1) (1:25)
PIANO X-Hunter Stage 2  (COUNTER HUNTER STAGE 2) (1:18)
PIANO Zero  (ZERO) (0:52)
PIANO Sigma 1  (SIGMA 1st) (0:42)
PIANO Sigma 2  (SIGMA 2nd) (0:57)
PIANO Dr. Light Capsule  (Dr.RIGHT) (0:36)
PIANO Ending  (ENDING) (1:52)
PIANO Staff Credits  (STAFF ROLL) (1:36)

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