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Final Result

Rank Music Title % of Votes
1st X-Hunter Stage 1 (MEGAMAN X2)
Band Ver. / Piano Ver.
2nd Infinity Mijinion Stage (MEGAMAN X6) 4.21%
3rd X vs. Zero (MEGAMAN X5) 4.08%
4th Opening Stage (MEGAMAN X)
Band Ver. / Piano Ver.
5th Doppler Stage 1 (MEGAMAN X3) 2.95%
6th Opening Theme (ROCKMAN X5) 2.90%
7th Launch Octopus Stage (MEGAMAN X)
Band Ver. / Piano Ver.
8th Jet Stingray Stage (MEGAMAN X4) 2.86%
9th Decisive Battle ― vs. Boss (MEGAMAN X7) 2.76%
10th Ending (MEGAMAN X2)
Band Ver. / Piano Ver.

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